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Philips Cough Assist E70 - cough aid

Philips Cough Assist E70 - cough aid

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1103590 (with 1 year manufacturer guarantee on accessories)

1103592 (with a two-year manufacturer's warranty on accessories)

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Philips Cough Assist E70 - cough aid

Our CoughAssist E70 for secretion management is an efficient
effective and remarkably gentle non-invasive alternative*

for hospital and home use
Care. The integrated Cough-Trak supports the titration
to the device and increases patient synchronization

with the CoughAssist E70 for more comfort and better communication
pliance*. We improve through adjustable oscillation levels

detachment of mucus with the device and increase the
zen of the therapy. It is powered by mains power or batteries

CoughAssist E70 a truly portable solution that takes your pa-
clients more freedom and support.


Philips CoughAssist E70 Parts Only Extended Warranty 1 Year

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