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Philips Respironics GmbH

Philips OmniLab Advanced+

Philips OmniLab Advanced+

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Article number: 1111127

Philips OmniLab Advanced+

with humidifier and hose heating

titration system


1111127 OmniLab Advanced + with humidifier and heated tubing

1081167 Power Supply, 100 watts

1039014 Europe power cord, 1.5 m

1112139 Accessory kit (cannot be ordered separately) consisting of side cover for device (when device is not connected to the humidifier), 1029416 foam fi lter kit, 1045304 clamp for power cord

1032907 Performance Hose 22mm

SYS1HT15 Heated hose

1112033 OmniLab Direct 2.13

1111038 Clinical Manual

sleep therapy CPAP BIPAP ventilation


Nine sleep therapy modes - the best of any titration system

OmniLab Advanced+ offers two CPAP modes (CPAP and Auto CPAP), six bi-level modes with Bi-Flex or AVAPS (Auto-Bi-Level, S, S/T, AutoSV, T and PC) and the new AVAPS -AE mode.

The integrated system offers a harmonized solution

The system provides a cohesive, harmonized solution for performing titration studies in conjunction with our OmniLab Connect and OmniLab Direct software.

AVAPS AE helps titrate your most complicated patients

With the addition of AVAPS AE mode, OmniLab Advanced+ gives clinicians and sleep technicians an additional tool to titrate their most complicated patients.

Mask leak detection helps ensure titration quality

The OmniLab Advanced + measures the total and unintentional leak.

A quiet platform ensures a good night's sleep

Quiet operation to increase the effectiveness of your titration studies.

Eight-channel flexibility associated with non-Alice systems

When interfacing with third-party PSG systems, OmniLab Advanced + offers flexibility for eight channels.

Customizable reports to show you the information you need

Get the information most valuable to you or your patients from the customizable OmniLab Advanced+ reports.

User-friendly features for simplicity and efficiency

OmniLab Advanced + is easy to use and offers user-friendly features that improve your effectiveness.

Redesigned user software for an improved user experience

This latest version of the OmniLab Advanced + includes a redesigned user software.

Philips sleep therapies

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