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Night watchman anti-snoring vest 2.0

Night watchman anti-snoring vest 2.0

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  • Item number: 45100N20

Night watchman anti-snoring vest 2.0 - unisex

The most modern supine prevention vest in the world further improved!

• The new longer cut is also very suitable for women
• Now available in all large sizes up to real XXL
• Suitable for travel including inflatable back cushion
• Adjustable armholes
• Improved high-tech material

Your training against snoring!

The Nachtwaechter sleeping vest is the premium product from Nachtwaechter for gentle but effective prevention of sleeping on your back. Train yourself to stop snoring with the vest in just 3-6 months!

Most people only snore on their backs. Do something against it!
The night watchman sleep vest prevents snoring without interrupting sleep!

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Night watchman anti-snoring vest 2.0 + accessories

The most modern form of supine prevention!
The successor to the number 1 in the world, improved in many respects, for preventing the supine position with the highest level of comfort and optimum functionality. A real alternative!
Now finally transportable flat and therefore suitable for travel thanks to the inflatable back cushion!
High-tech fabrics and the ventilation channels in the back cushion help to prevent sweating.

Train yourself to stop snoring in just 3-6 months with the vest!

The night watchman sleeping vest is your training device against snoring. According to doctors, you can train yourself to lie on your side while sleeping with a supine position prevention vest!

This usually only takes 3-6 months.
Most people only snore on their backs. So do something about it! - The night watchman sleep vest prevents snoring without interrupting sleep!

In a really simple and comfortable way, you and your partner get more quality of life with the best sleeping climate. The night watchman sleeping vest adapts perfectly to any body shape. It can be closed securely with the soft Velcro fastener. The innovative ergonomic protector counteracts the supine position safely.

However, you can of course rotate. This process takes place over time while you are half asleep and does not disturb your sleep. The unique ventilation and cooling fins ensure you don't overheat or sweat excessively. They guarantee a very comfortable fit and optimal sleeping climate!

You sleep better, breathe better and feel less tired.

With his sleep vest, Nachtwaechter is finally making German bedrooms quiet again at night.

With accessories such as the Velcro extension, you can expand the waist circumference for a better fit with belly sizes.
The night watchman travel bag is ideal for transporting your night watchman sleep vest when traveling or on the go. It is also ideal for dirty laundry, shoes and much more.

The LINA side sleeper and CPAP pillow is the perfect addition to your night watchman sleep vest. Absolutely individually height-adjustable and super-comfortable. This allows you to adjust your head position perfectly ergonomically and supportively to the side position and thus have an optimal sleeping experience.

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