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Philips DreamStation bezel for Dreamstation CPAP Pro, Auto-CPAP or Auto-BiPAP

Philips DreamStation bezel for Dreamstation CPAP Pro, Auto-CPAP or Auto-BiPAP

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Item number: 1128163

HMV number: This is a private payer product without an aid number.


Compatible only with Dreamstation CPAP Pro, Auto-CPAP or Auto-BiPAP 

If your patients do not want to use a humidifier, you can now opt for a panel to cover the therapy device.


Directing airflow to the patient, allowing greater reach of the hose

Redirects the hose above the device, saving space on the bedside table • Rounded, more beautiful appearance when the humidifier is not in use

Compatible with selected DreamStation devices The cover can be used with our DreamStation CPAP Pro, Auto-CPAP or Auto-BiPAP therapy devices and is compatible from firmware version V1.1.1.

Checking the Firmware Version Check the software version by going to the “My Caregiver” menu and clicking the dial to access the menu. If the device is running software version V1.1.0 or earlier, download the required update from

Technical data

Size: 25.40cm x 15.24cm x 5.08cm

Weight: 116g

Additional Notes/Additional Information:

Please note that this item is a hygiene product. In principle, an exchange is only possible if the packaging is unopened and undamaged. / Please note that this is a hygienic article. As such, returns are only accepted for articles with unopened packaging.

When purchasing from outside the EU, please note that additional import customs duties may apply in your home country. / Please note that additional costs for importing into your home country can occur when purchasing from outside the EU zone.

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